The Modern Codpiece

In preparation for my journey through Smasher Canyon, ye humble smythe reasoned to forge a codpiece for me mighty steed.  This is especially important on the breed I got, since her tender bits is made of Aluminum, or Aluminium, if ye prefer.  Anyway, since aluminum is so much softer than steel, it's not really a good metal to use to…Read more The Modern Codpiece

The build thread: rock ‘n rail

Finally got some rock sliders from JCR.  They're the stage 3 slider.  Here's how I got them painted and installed. They sure are stout. They were painted using 3M underbody coating, which I've become very fond of over the last few months. It's a very tough coating that's stood up to everything I've thrown at it…Read more The build thread: rock ‘n rail

The build thread: high and tight – fender trimming

In preparation for stage two, I trimmed the fenders all the way around to make room for 35" tires, which is the size I've decided to go with next time I buy a set.  If you're thinking about trimming your own fenders, this is a very general guide.  You'll need to take your own measurements, safety,…Read more The build thread: high and tight – fender trimming

The build thread: LowBuck HiLift mounts

The Poor man's HiLift mounts for any size roof rack Ingredients: (2) Pipe Repair Clamps (The size will differ depending on tubing diameter of roof rack) (2) 5" x 7/16" Carriage bolts (2) 7/16" Fender washers (2) 7/16" Large diameter Rubber or Neoprene washers (2) 7/16" Wingnuts (4) 7/16" flat washers (2) 7/16" nut (1) Tiny Master…Read more The build thread: LowBuck HiLift mounts

The build thread: overhead organization

Although this isn't strictly "build-related", I figured it would be a good topic to share, because we all have dozens of odds and ends rolling around our rigs. I found the Cocoon Grid-it panels on Amazon a few weeks ago and couldn't get them out of my head. It wasn't a product that I needed, of course,…Read more The build thread: overhead organization