A Case for all Cases

Apologies.  That title is SO bad, but I couldn’t think of anything better, and I found myself literally staring at the screen trying to think of something.  At least it’s punny and clever and multi-layered.

I talked a bit in my last update post about building a new transfer case for my Jeep.  I’m happy to tell you that I’ve built and installed it, put about 300 freeway miles on it, put it through some serious 4low use, and run it up to 100mph in 2wd.  I’m confident saying it’s dialed.

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The Modern Codpiece

In preparation for my journey through Smasher Canyon, ye humble smythe reasoned to forge a codpiece for me mighty steed.  This is especially important on the breed I got, since her tender bits is made of Aluminum, or Aluminium, if ye prefer.  Anyway, since aluminum is so much softer than steel, it’s not really a good metal to use to bash against rocks or what have you, like we are wont to do…  Yeah, there’s no way I could do this whole piece in olde English…

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4 links for days

I built a 4 link rear suspension for my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  To some, that’s not impressive at all.  To others, it’s a really big deal.  I’m of the mind that it’s a pretty big deal.  There was a lot of math, measurements, and SO MANY STEPS, (not to mention that it’s definitely a critical system) that it may be my most proud accomplishment in the automotive world to date.  And if I say so myself, it turned out good.  Like, really good.  I made some mistakes along the way, and I’ll share those of course.  But before we get started, let’s talk about what a 4 link is, and why I chose it.

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So, I’m not the biggest fan of light bars.  They’re expensive and gaudy, and I’m pretty sure reserved for douches.  And people who want to see at night…

In the last year or so, LED light bars have really come down in price.  Enough so, that most of us can afford some sort of LED lighting for our vehicles now.  Whether it’s a pair of pods, a shorty 12″ at the end of your stinger, or a full 50″ UFO bar, (to recharge the sun, or whatever they’re for…), LED lights are in just about everyone’s budget now.  I want to find out if it’s possible to get reliable, effective lighting for cheap (or at least close to cheap).

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