The build thread: overhead organization

Although this isn’t strictly “build-related”, I figured it would be a good topic to share, because we all have dozens of odds and ends rolling around our rigs.

I found the Cocoon Grid-it panels on Amazon a few weeks ago and couldn’t get them out of my head. It wasn’t a product that I needed, of course, but it just seemed really handy. What I came up with was a visor panel using the following components:

5×10 Grid-It panel
OutdoorResearch 3/4″x36″ tension-lock straps
Maxpedition Mini EDC Organizer
Blackhawk Speed Clips
1 Phone holster that came with a case I bought

(Cocoon does make a version of the panel that already includes the straps for the visor, but I always had bad luck with the velcro straps that came on the visor CD-cases, and I assume these would have the same thing. With the tension straps, I’ll never worry about the thing getting loose and falling while I’m driving. Also, it’s still more expensive than the panel and straps that I bought.)

I fed the straps through and underneath the webbing.

Then I mounted the Maxpedition pouch using the speed clips.

Mounted the phone holster using the supplied strap

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