About Fivewheeldrive

Fivewheeldrive is for the gas powered culture.  Or as the great Clarkson says, “for those of us whose communion wine comes with an octane rating”.

I’m a gearhead, a wrencher, a driver, and a rider.  I believe in the power of internal combustion, and that battery powered cars belong in a toy box.

I believe that anyone should be able to be an enthusiast regardless of their experience level, or their social status, or their paycheck.   And as much as possible, I hope to make this blog accessible to everyone, regardless of how much they may know about Jeeps, cars, trucks, or motorbikes.

In this blog, I plan to document the process that I go through as I progress from a shadetree grease monkey with a set and a half of wrenches to a competent mechanic, as far as I can stretch that definition, anyway.  Whatever the outcome,  I’m gonna try to share what I learn as I go, even if it gets embarrassing and expensive, so it should be a good time.

And one final thing:  This is the first blog I’ve ever done, so it’ll be clumsy while I get the hang of things.  Bear with me though, because this place is gonna get better for all of us as we go, mucho better.

Kickstands up.  Let’s ride.

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