Finally got some rock sliders from JCR.  They’re the stage 3 slider.  Here’s how I got them painted and installed. They sure are stout.

They were painted using 3M underbody coating, which I’ve become very fond of over the last few months. It’s a very tough coating that’s stood up to everything I’ve thrown at it so far. And the 15-20 minute dry time makes it really convenient for shooting multiple coats.

JCR Sliders come as bare metal out of the box, so the buyer is responsible for paint/coating. I’m really impressed with all the welds. Not only are they strong welds with great penetration, but they’re great looking too. Not a spot of porosity, even in the tricky spots.


Makeshift paint booth…


First Coat:

Second Coat Sprayed. Ready for Install:

The sliders attach just the same as most. There’s two frame mounts with four holes each that attach to the unibody rail, and a strip of flatbar that bolts to the pinch seam under the rocker.



I’ll post up some more shots of the sliders as I go through all the Moab pics. (UPDATE: I didn’t use the sliders even once in Moab…)