Colorado Wheelin’

Well, we did that Colorado thing last weekend, and it was super dope.  Everything I’d hoped it would be.

We took the long way up, due to some traffic on the shorter route and drove West-Northwest-ish through Durango and such.  Once we got in-state, we were above 9000 feet until we dropped into Denver.  Quite a ride.  Lots of things to look at.

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Ahh, school is back in session, and my life gets to slow down a bit…

Now that all that resting is out of the way, me and the lady are heading up to Colorado tomorrow to visit some friends.  This is a big trip for many reasons, not the least of which is that I’m finally getting to go IRL-wheeling with the guy who got me into all this web-wheeling nonsense in the first place.  My good buddy tk44 from over on Reddit, talked me into (I mean really twisted my arm) starting a Grand Cherokee subreddit over on that ubiquitous site we all pretend not to go to.  And now, just a few years later, here I am with a fancy blog with learnins and stuff to share with allyall.  Anyway, while we’ve actually met before in person once, and ran a couple trails in his rig, we’ve never had both our rigs together before. I’m getting to wheel Colorado!!!
It’s gonna be good times.

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While the Rest of the World Plays…

I had a really good post written up about all the things I’ve been up to lately.  Then my computer ate it.  This will undoubtedly be a weak facsimile of the original.  Your humble narrator forges ahead nonetheless.

I built a new Transfer Case for my Jeep.  As usual, I don’t have a lot of pictures of the build process, but I do have some thoughts and hopefully some jokes to share about it.  This is what the inside of a transfer case looks like…


I’m finally starting to get on some trail runs again now that the Jeep has stopped breaking for a little while.  I got to run Ajax Mine trail with a bunch of other Jeeps like mine, and it was an awesome, desperately needed day in the dirt.  This is also the beginning of a new Arizona-only, WJ-only group I’ve become a part of on FB.  Elitist enough for you, lol?


I’ve also got some write-ups for the WJ guys coming up soon.  Mainly, the ultimate track-bar-upgrade-death-wobble-cure.  Or at least I say so.  We’ll see what happens…

I dabbled in tech a bit over the last few weeks too with a phone upgrade to the Samsung Note 4.  There’s no root for the Verizon version of this phone, which is the one I have, so I’ve had to implement some interesting workarounds to get things to work the way I want them to.  I’ll try my hand at writing a tech piece on the experience some time this week.  This is what the outside of a phone looks like…


Other than that, I’ve got a pretty busy summer ahead of me:  I’m hoping to host at least two more trips for the AZWJ group, a road trip to Houston, one or two trips with NAU4x4, and a huge trip to Moab (if my buddy gets off his ass and starts building his rig).  And I’m sure there will be the odd build post here and there.

Reckon that means I might should get to work…

Rider’s Block

As part of my services as a paying WordPress customer, I get live updates on the amount of traffic that wanders through this site.  It’s nothing detailed, just vague totals for the day, and what pages are getting the most attention.  Don’t worry, I don’t know what you do alone in your house.  Except you Bryan.  I know all about you.


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A few of my favorite things

I recently went on some nonsensical rant to a friend of mine about the (let’s be honest) abomination that Ford is calling the new “GT”.  It’s awful, and it’s awful in spite of being an amazing machine.  How is that even possible!?  I mean, the Europeans have been getting 600hp out of twin turbo sixes for what, two or three decades now?  This is not amazing Ford,and you’re putting the GT badge on it.  It’s like putting the Shelby name on a Fiesta…  oh…


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Schroedinger’s Blog, or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the stress

Lately, I’ve been thinking about shutting down the blog altogether, because the amount of time I invest in creating content doesn’t line up very well with what people are getting out of it.  This isn’t whining about not getting enough hits day to day, this is about investment versus return.  It’s about reclaiming time that I could use for other things, like more building, or spending time with my family. And, to an extent, It’s about finding the right content to deliver, but that’s outside the scope of this post.

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I like to listen to off road podcasts while I’m out in the garage.  I’ll very frequently learn something new, and it gives the garage a feeling of having your friends around talking shop while you wrench (something I’ve sorely missed since moving away from Houston).  What’s more, they can be a great way to keep current with everything going on in your particular flavor of motorphilia (is that a word?  It is now.)

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