Lately, I’ve been thinking about shutting down the blog altogether, because the amount of time I invest in creating content doesn’t line up very well with what people are getting out of it.  This isn’t whining about not getting enough hits day to day, this is about investment versus return.  It’s about reclaiming time that I could use for other things, like more building, or spending time with my family. And, to an extent, It’s about finding the right content to deliver, but that’s outside the scope of this post.


A year and a half into this blog, I’ve realized that there simply isn’t enough time left for the universe to actually do AND write about all things automobile.  I have to choose whether to continue sinking hours a week into this site, or change the format to something more manageable, where I can still post up good content without failing to deliver on everything I promise.


I started this blog to bring the automotive world a bit closer to everyone.  I wanted to address auto and bike news, tools, wrenching, wheeling, bike building, and everything else that I love so much about internal combustion powered machines. But because I happen to be so deep into building the Jeep right now (phrasing), it seems to be all I ever write about, and even that isn’t as frequent as I had originally planned.  And really, I don’t see anything wrong with that.  So as I have time, I’ll write about what I do to the Jeep, and when I work on the bike, I’ll post about that.  And if I don’t do any work on either, I may post about something completely unrelated or maybe even not at all…


In truth, things won’t be all that different than they are now on the site.  Except I’ll be spamming my site all over the internet to try and get my message out there, just to see if there’s a place for this site in the world.  So here goes…