As part of my services as a paying WordPress customer, I get live updates on the amount of traffic that wanders through this site.  It’s nothing detailed, just vague totals for the day, and what pages are getting the most attention.  Don’t worry, I don’t know what you do alone in your house.  Except you Bryan.  I know all about you.


Seeing these numbers go from single digits every few days to a steady double digit everyday stream has really been an awesome inspiration, and I feel awful that I haven’t updated the site in several weeks…  If y’all are taking the time to stop by the site, I need to make the time to give you new shit to read.

The honest truth is, I don’t have enough content (read: money for projects) to update this blog with new Jeep projects every week.  So, to that end, I’ve decided that I’ll start adding other tidbits here and there, not necessarily about Jeeps, or even the greater Autoverse, and finally follow up on my promise to connect with you all as regularly and often as possible.

@running_nona is updating her blog at least twice a week, and that’s too much for our non-competitive home environment.  So I need to step it up.


Was that a pun?  I do hope so.

To this end, I plan to expand the site into other aspects of life that I feel are noteworthy, like my cell phone addiction, the dopest new gadgets, and whatever other geekery I feel is worth wasting your time on.  Even if that means I simply ramble about how terrible drivers are in my area for a few paragraphs (or pages).

Buckle up, we’re going for a ride…