I like to listen to off road podcasts while I’m out in the garage.  I’ll very frequently learn something new, and it gives the garage a feeling of having your friends around talking shop while you wrench (something I’ve sorely missed since moving away from Houston).  What’s more, they can be a great way to keep current with everything going on in your particular flavor of motorphilia (is that a word?  It is now.)

Admittedly, most of what I write will have a 4×4 theme to it.  It’s just where I happen to be right now.  But don’t think that these are the best ones out there, or even necessarily good ones, for just what you’re into.  As I will say all the time around here, do your research.  Listen to a few different kinds of them before you decide you don’t like the media format.  To be honest, I really fought podcasts as a form of media for a long time, and yet here I am.

With that in mind, here are a few podcasts I’m listening to regularly:

Hosts Dan and Craig discuss all the cutting edge news in the 4×4 world.  Gear, events, trails, vendor interviews, and even camping gear and cooking.  This is where I got started with podcasts, and I’ll be honest, I’ve gone back and listened to every single episode.

XJ (Jeep Cherokee) Fanatics Josh and Tony bring a “beer in hand” feel to their podcast, as they talk Jeep, talk parts, and talk shit.  They have a very homey, familiar tone to their show that makes you feel as though you’re a part of their inside jokes.  They’re weird, but if you speak Jeep, these are your people.

Relatively new to the scene, the off road podcast cuts right to the chase and offers topical, practical information and advice for all things off road.  From tire pressure to custom suspension, brothers Greg and Jeff discuss off roading in a way that’s interesting and easy to understand.  I do wish they would do a bit more research though, as I’ve heard them make a few incorrect statements (yet again, do your own research.  Never take anyone’s word as gospel)…

Anyway, I think I’m done here.

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