The right tool for the job

I’m hesitant to start posting shop and tool advice.  It’s such a personal thing, and everyone is gonna have their own way of doing it.  Let’s just start there…  Take my advice with a grain of salt.  I’ve got my own way of doing things, but it doesn’t (probably) mean it’s the best way.


The first thing I want to discuss in the shop is the worst and the hardest.  Keeping clean and staying organized.  People have harped on this for longer than workbenches have been around, but it’s still the best advice.  I won’t list the pros and cons, we’ve all heard them before.  Instead, I challenge you.  Do an oil change your normal way and time it.  Yes, with a stop watch.  Now, the next time you change your oil, lay all of the tools you need right out in front of the bumper before you even crawl under your rig.  Time it.  Faster than last time?  Thanks.


Keeping organized is fundamental to the process.  It keeps us focused on the project (How long did you spend the last time you were looking for your 17MM?), and it keeps our brains clear.

Now here’s why it’s the top item on my list:  Before my current residence, I haven’t had much space for wrenching.  As a result, much of the stuff I recommend here will come from that perspective.  Maximizing space when there isn’t much.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about that.  (Not an intentional Forrest Gump reference).  Next time I’ll talk about something actually tangible.