The build thread: Freestyle Wrap

Like all WJs, the leather wrap on my steering wheel started to get pretty loose and nasty. I looked into a direct OEM replacement and some of the aftermarket options, but I wasn’t terribly impressed with the product to cost ratio.

I decided to wrap the wheel in paracord. I am not a smart man.

I pulled the core from the cord and used only the outside. Using flat cord made the end result WAY better. The wrap was made using a series of half hitches all the way around. The end was terminated by tying a length of string around the cord and pulling it back under itself. It’ll make sense in the pics.

The whole process took about an hour, and it really did a number on my fingers. I taped them up after about the first half hour because the cord was starting to rub the skin off my fingers.  I actually did this mod almost two years ago now, and it’s still in perfect shape.  Who knew!?

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