Drum roll please…

At this point, I was about 8 months into my relationship with the Jeep, and it was everything I could dream that a one-sided, codependent relationship with an inanimate object could be.

I deliberated a LOT about why, how, and how much I wanted to lift it. Initially, I planned to go the OME spring/poly spacer route. After that, I decided on the Clayton kit, but it was just a little outside the budget when it was all said and done (I really need to buy a welder). In the end, I settled (I use settled lightly, because I am happy with this kit) on the 4″ long arm lift from RoughCountry.com.


I won’t include any pics of the install, because you all know how to install a lift (read: I forgot to take any pictures of the install), so here’s some before and afters 


  • I opted out of the Rough Country shocks and went with Bilstein 5100s. It was a good decision.
  • Rough Country recommends running a 31″ tire with this lift, but I’m running a 32″ tire with no trimming and minimal rubbing. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna trim for 33’s and upsize them next go-round.
  • The fasteners that ship with the RC lift are terrible. In total, they probably added 2-3 hours of labor to the project. If I did it again, I’d get all new fasteners and throw the supplied stuff in the trash.
  • The lower rear shock mount “relocators” are a joke. They look like a high school shop project.
  • I’ll be replacing the RC track bar with a JKS soonly.