Some minor updates

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’m being lazy.  At least I’m being lazy around here.  In the shop however, I’ve made quite the shit ton of progress.  One of the 4×4 club members has been making extensive use of my shop recently as well, and I’ve used it as an opportunity to get some practice in without endangering my own vehicle.



I finally installed the tie rod flip kit.  It was a straightforward ordeal with really no drama.  I’m still going to fill your eyeballs with it though.


I’ve started testing a permanent mounting solution for my air compressor in the Jeep.  The tanks will go in the spare tire area and the compressor will mount next to the drawers.  Here’s a sneak peek:



Thanks to an unfortunate intersection of pay day and Black Friday, I made some major upgrades to the Lab this week, so I’ll have some new stuff to post over the next few days.



As a result of the above upgrades, I had to reorganize the garage this Sunday,   The goal was to make space for another workbench.  This one will be mainly for welding and other metalwork.  Oh yeah, by the way…  Most of the reason I haven’t been writing too much lately is because I’ve really been into the metalwork thing since I got the welding machine a few weeks ago.  It has truly changed my entire perspective on wrenching and fabrication.  I’ll have to expand on that sometime soon too.