Lighting Fires and Kicking Tires

Inspired by my entry into the blogosphere, my ladyfriend decided to start a blog, and in just a few weeks has already surpassed this little site in both posts and subscriptions.  So, I suppose it’s time to really get busy.  I’m gonna try to post weekly, but that doesn’t seem like a sustainable model.  We’ll see.

This week I think I’m gonna write about LED lights and light bars.

I’ve always had a thing against LED light bars, simply because of how expensive they have always been.  $1500 just to see at night?  No thanks.  I’d rather put that money toward a new axle.

Now though, LED bars and pods and all sort of thing can be found on ebay, Amazon, and even in local parts houses.  Like everything, some are better quality than others, but I want to document my experience here, and see if it really is possible to get reliable and bright light without spending stupid amounts of moneys.  Check back for the results.