The Lab

One of my first realizations when I decided to become a proficient wrencher was that I needed to have a decent set of tools, and a good place to work on my vehicles.  Problem is, I was in a tiny garage, and had a limited set of tools and a limited amount of funds to change things.  This affected me in two ways:

  • It made me really focus on what tools I bought and kept. e.g., I learned to spend money on the right tools, the first time.
  • It made me understand the importance of a clean workshop and cleaning up after a job, or workspace management. (bonus:  I started to apply some of this logic at work, with results!)

With all this in my head, I decided that I would dedicate a portion of this blog to the often ignored side of being a good mechanic, learning to keep and maintain a proper garage.

I’m gonna talk about storage, space utility, tools, workspaces, and all number of other catchy workshop-space trendy sounding phrases that you could imagine.  It’ll be dope.


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